Descriptive Geometry and Perspective

Descriptive geometry as architectural geometry deals with the geometric understanding of space, geometric design criteria of shapes and structures as well as their representation methods.

Marmomac participation

Participation with Stone on Stone - Digital Stereotomy – Hexagonal Interlocking System at Marmomac, Verona, Italy - 27 - 30 September 2022, part of MARMOMAC MEETS ACADEMIES

Geometric Foundations of Architectural Representation

Geometrische Grundlagen der Architekturdarstellung. Mit 3D-Modellen und Animationen zur räumlichen Vorstellung / With 3D models and animations for spatial imagination - Textbook on architectural geometry in German language

Nexus Network Journal Vol.24, Issue 2 reports on NEXUS 20/21

Nexus Network Journal Vol.24, Issue 2 reports on NEXUS 20/21 Conference in Kaiserslautern as online conference with the first part of selected contributions

Geometry of Structures – Book chapter

Book chapter "Geometry of Structures and Its Philosophical Aesthetic Background" in "Space Tessellations. Experimenting with Parquet Deformations", edited by Werner Van Hoeydonck, Christian Kern, Eva Sommeregger

Farewell Symposium Change of Perspectives

Farewell symposium and exhibition opening Change of Perspectives on 1st April 2022

Descriptive Geometry I

The subject Descriptive Geometry introduces the geometry of spatial objects and their representation in drawings. The geometric representation methods of parallel and central projection form the basis for this. Parallel projection, which is developed into a working method by means of assigned orthographic plans, multiview orthographic projection, in order to solve spatial problems in the drawing, is the focus of Descriptive Geometry I.

Descriptive Geometry II

The central projection method is the focus of this course. The geometric basics of the architectural perspective are conveyed and tested in application examples. Descriptive Geometry 2 was offered in each year in the summer semester.

Stein auf Stein - Digitale Stereotomie

Elective in the winter semester 2021/22 on architecture and geometry; design geometry or digital architectural geometry: Stone on stone - Digital Stereotomy

Presentation "PerForm" on Friday, 3rd September 2021

Always on the move: Architecture students present new types of seating furniture that have been created using 3D modeling and robot-controlled processes.

Digital Architectural Geometry

Research and project 2020 to 2022 by MSc., Dipl.-Ing. Eva Hagen

Research Culture in Architecture

Research Culture in Architecture. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration