The department of Descriptive Geometry and Perspective was involved in the initiation, conception and realization of various scientific conferences in fatuk, the Faculty of Architecture of TU Kaiserslautern.

Farewell Symposium Change of Perspectives

Farewell symposium and exhibition opening Change of Perspectives on 1st April 2022

Nexus 20/21 Conference

NEXUS 20/21 – Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics – International Conference in Kaiserslautern, Germany >> 26–29 July 2021, hosted by fatuk and Kim Williams Books — postponed to 2021, because of the situation of COVID-19, planned for 20-23 July 2020

RCA 2018 – Research Culture in Architecture

Research Culture in Architecture - International Conference on Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

DGfGG 2013 – About Form and Structure

Conference of DGfGG 2013 - 9th Conference of the German Society for Geometry and Graphics, anniversary conference – 10 years DGfGG – with the topic "About form and structure. Current demands on geometry"

Symposium Structural Thinking in Architecture

International Symposium 2010 – Structural Thinking in Architecture / Strukturelles Denken in der Architektur