Digital Architectural Geometry

Research and project 2020 to 2022 by MSc., Dipl.-Ing. Eva Hagen


The aim of the project is to determine the various possibilities of digital architectural geometry and to develop communication concepts.

3D modeling and the forms of architectural representation derived from it, as well as digital methods of model construction, are of particular importance.

Courses will be developed that impart skills in using computer aided design software for the construction of complex 3D formations. A structured approach is developed, starting with the use of simple curves up to the construction of complex geometries. The focus here is on understanding and handling the geometry in a controlled manner.

The creative and effective work with the CAD software within the design process should be made possible.

The elective Lina Bo Bardi 3d Revisited in WS 2020/21 is the first such course.

Research assistant:

MSc., Dipl.-Ing. Eva Hagen

Project duration: 2020 to 2022