Film about Sinus Staircase

The sinus staircase built during the seminar Scalalogie 2017/18 was built again in March 2022. On this occasion, the inventor of the sinus staircase Werner Bäumler - Laurin, Treporti - Cavallino, came to Kaiserslautern together with the filmmaker Norbert Prettenthaler, Graz. The film about the sinus staircase was produced with joint explanations in the architecture faculty building of TU Kaiserslautern.

In the seminar Scalalogy 2017/2018 we dealt with rules and typologies of stairs. A special project was the construction of a sinus staircase.

The idea for the sinus staircase was developed by Werner Bäumler - Laurin, who already presented it to the public in 1991 at the Bauhaus Dessau as part of a project exhibition.

The participants of the seminar developed and built a sinus staircase as a superstructure of the existing entrance staircase of the architecture faculty building.

Design and construction of the Sinus Staircase 2018 - Architecture students:

Benedikt Blumenröder, Yuliana Brehmer, Moritz Brucker, Marian Buchheiser, Sabrina Funk, Jana Gretz, Jonas Heuser, Sarah Lutgen, Emmanuel Niyodusenga, Ernst-Markus Rauska, Anna Specchio and Angelika Walz.

Parametric concept and calculations for sinus staircase:
Moritz Brucker and Benedikt Blumenröder

Construction management 2018 and reconstruction 2022:
Philipp Michael Weber, carpenter and student of wood technology, TU Kaiserslautern

In March 2022, the sinus staircase was rebuilt once again. For this occasion, the inventor of the Sinus Staircase Werner Bäumler - Laurin, Treporti - Cavallino, came to Kaiserslautern together with the filmmaker Norbert Prettenthaler, Graz. A film about the sinus staircase was made, which was published in October 2022:

The film will also be shown as part of the exhibition "Rhea Uher and Werner Bäumler - Laurin" at the Kunsthaus Laa in Austria from 05.11.2022 to 05.02.2023. The spatial chess game developed by Werner Bäumler - Laurin will also be presented there.



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