Basic Studies

The subject of Descriptive Geometry was for students of architecture, civil engineering students and teaching degree in construction / wood technology in the 1st / 2nd Semester offered with 2 semester weekly hour lectures and 2 semester weekly hour exercises. In these courses the basics of the geometry of the forms and the imaging methods are conveyed. Methods are learned how three-dimensional objects can be captured and clearly represented in two-dimensional drawings.

The courses will be continued from SS 2022 on with modified content by the Department of Architectural Representation, Prof. Alexander Bartscher.

Descriptive Geometry I

The subject Descriptive Geometry introduces the geometry of spatial objects and their representation in drawings. The geometric representation methods of parallel and central projection form the basis for this. Parallel projection, which is developed into a working method by means of assigned orthographic plans, multiview orthographic projection, in order to solve spatial problems in the drawing, is the focus of Descriptive Geometry I.

Descriptive Geometry II

The central projection method is the focus of this course. The geometric basics of the architectural perspective are conveyed and tested in application examples. Descriptive Geometry 2 was offered in each year in the summer semester.