Descriptive Geometry and Perspective

Descriptive geometry as architectural geometry deals with the geometric understanding of space, geometric design criteria of shapes and structures as well as their representation methods.

Descriptive Geometry 2

The central projection method is the focus of this course. The geometric basics of the architectural perspective are conveyed and tested in application examples. Descriptive Geometry 2 is offered in the summer semester.

Pattern Matters

Seminar/Elective in in summer semester 2021 on architecture and geometry or design geometry: Pattern Matters


Seminar/elective in summer semester 2021 on digital architectural geometry: PerForm

Nexus 20/21 Conference

NEXUS 20/21 – Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics – International Conference in Kaiserslautern, Germany >> 26–29 July 2021, hosted by fatuk and Kim Williams Books — postponed to 2021, because of the situation of COVID-19, planned for 20-23 July 2020

Axonometries with light and shadow

Overview and sectional axonometries with shadow – 3rd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 1, WS 2020/21

Intersection and Unfolding of Solids

Basic tasks of position and measurement - 2nd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 1 in WS 2020/21

2D figures >> 3D objects >> 2D representation

From 2D figures to 3D objects and their 2D representation – 1st task in Descriptive Geometry 1 in WS 2020/21 – students' works

Digital Architectural Geometry

Research and project 2020 to 2022 by MSc., Dipl.-Ing. Eva Hagen

Lina Bo Bardi 3d Revisited

Elective in the winter semester 2020/21 on digital architectural geometry: Lina Bo Bardi 3d Revisited


Seminar/elective in WS 2020/21 on architecture and geometry or design geometry: view matters

Research Culture in Architecture

Research Culture in Architecture. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Geometric Foundations of Architectural Representation

Geometrische Grundlagen der Architekturdarstellung. Mit 3D-Modellen und Animationen zur räumlichen Vorstellung / With 3D models and animations for spatial imagination - Textbook on architectural geometry in German language