Pattern Matters

Seminar/Elective in in summer semester 2021 on architecture and geometry or design geometry: Pattern Matters

Lecturers: Akad Dir. Cornelie Leopold, Dipl.-Ing. Viyaleta Zhurava


The study of patterns is the basis for many design tasks. We chose the English word pattern, because this fits better than the German words Muster, Flächenornament, Parkettierung, Anordnungen ... and includes these different aspects. Parquetry means the gapless and overlap-free overlapping of congruent figures, which, starting from basic geometric shapes, can also become figurative. Spatial packings are the spatial counterpart of planar patterns. 3D-packages or 3D-tessellations by means of polyhedra form the basis for spatial arrangements and compositions. Through transformations and metamorphoses, transitions between patterns and spatial compositions are possible. This also allows design processes to be mediated from regular to irregular patterns.


Project by Carolin Dönneweg
2D pattern with deformation
Project by Carolin Dönneweg
model developed from the 2D pattern - Project by Carolin Dönneweg

In architecture, from urban design to building structure to support structure, these geometric relationships are built upon. Therefore, we also analyzed corresponding architectural examples.


Project by Tooba Hosseini
"Windmill"-2D pattern and colour studies
Project by Tooba Hosseini
3D pattern as utopian housing complex, model - Project by Tooba Hosseini

From 2D and 3D patterns as well as their transformations or metamorphoses, the student Pattern Matters projects emerged as a digital and materialized composition.


Project by Julius Isele
2D pattern with deformation based on the Dihedral group D3
Project by Julius Isele
3D pattern made of rhombic dodecahedra, model - Project by Julius Isele

Working with the 3D modeling software Rhinoceros was used as a suitable tool. In a voluntary block course with Eva Hagen before the beginning of the semester the students were taught the basics or advanced students will receive extended input. Parametric design using Grasshopper was also integrated.

bild_parquet_deformation_van_hoeydonck_FATUK.jpgGuest lecture 

Werner Van Hoeydonck 

Architect - Univ. Lecturer 

Ornamental Art & Design, Vienna

Design and Analysis of Parquet Deformations

Tuesday 04 May, 2021, 10 Uhr

Lecture in German

Tessellations and topological interlocked assemblies by Vera VianaWorkshop 

Vera Viana

Ph.D. Researcher in the Centre for Studies of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, Portugal

Tessellating and Interlocking in Patterns

Tuesday 18 May, 2021, 10 Uhr 
in Zoom

In this workshop, we intertwined plane tessellations with solid tessellations and analysed the conditions for polyhedra to fill space to learn how to model a few examples of honeycombs.

Having understood the connections between 2D and 3D tessellations, we addressed the concept of topological interlocking and learned how the interlocked assemblies of convex regular polyhedra are obtained.

With the knowledge of some basic rules, the participants then were able to model, on their own, interesting patterns with tessellated or interlocked polyhedra.