Measuring, Dividing, and Image of a Circle in Perspective - SS 2021

Measuring, Dividing, and Image of a Circle in Perspective using the example of the Kimbell Art Museum in Dallas by Louis I. Kahn - 2nd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 2 in SS 2021

Depicting the Kimbell Art Museum in Dallas, Texas, designed in 1966 by Louis Isadore Kahn, in one perspective, two variations, was the subject of the 2nd exercise. The museum opened in 1972.

It was built in a spacious park that existed before 1966. The ground plan of the building shows a three-part symmetrical structure consisting of repeating rectangular bodies, which in turn are covered with identical barrel roofs, partly open partly closed.

The measuring point method was suitable for determining other corresponding building parts after the construction of one building part with a barrel roof. Three further building parts with barrel roofs were required. With the help of the division point, rows of trees were constructed.

According to the construction drawing of the perspective, trees, people, place design, ... were elaborated. The design elements should especially contribute to a spatial depth effect of the perspective.