Measuring and Dividing in Perspective - SS 2020

Measuring and Dividing in Perspective using the example of the Visual Arts Senter in Navan, Ireland by "Grafton Architects" - 2nd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 2 in SS 2020

The Visual Arts Centre in Navan, Ireland, was designed and built by "Grafton Architects" in 2006.

The office with Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara received the Pritzker Prize in 2020.

Ireland's historic towns usually had a central building or square around which the town was built. Navan also had such a square, but shortly before the Visual Arts Centre was built, it was only used as a car park. To revitalise the city, the Visual Arts Centre, theatre, courthouse and gallery were placed on this site.

This simplified building was depicted in three variants in a perspective. The façade was to be constructed using the measuring point method.

Trees or street lamps were inserted using a division point.

A presentation drawing with design elements was created based on the construction drawing.