RCA 2018 – Research Culture in Architecture

Research Culture in Architecture - International Conference on Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

research culture in architecture - international conference on cross-disciplinary collaboration

27 and 28 September, 2018. Hosted by FATUK - Faculty of Architecture, TU Kaiserslautern

rca 2018


The International Conference discussed topics and methods in architectural research, focusing on their cross-disciplinary interrelations and their relevance to the design process itself. 

Architecture refers to many participating disciplines such as construction, materials sciences, building physics, sociology, fabrication technology, computer science, geometry, arts, architectural history and theory. It is significant, that these disciplines are interlinked in planning, design and realization processes of architecture. Compared to other sciences this is certainly one of the reasons why the development of a research culture in architecture is more difficult. 

There had been presented various approaches to the development of a research culture in architecture. This conference identified research topics and methods, encouraged a research discourse and provided impulses especially for young researchers. The special situation of a research culture in architecture had been als discussed at round tables.

More details on the conference website: https://rca2018.architektur.uni-kl.de

The International Conference rca 2018 was funded by DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Selected full papers had been published in:
Cornelie Leopold, Christopher Robeller, Ulrike Weber (eds.): Research Culture in Architecture. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration. Birkhäuser Basel 2020.