Lina Bo Bardi 3d Revisited

Elective in the winter semester 2020/21 on digital architectural geometry: Lina Bo Bardi 3d Revisited

Lecturers: M.Sc. Dipl.-Ing. Eva Hagen, Akad. Dir. Cornelie Leopold, Benedikt Blumenröder

Montages of the Bowl chair by Lina Bo Bardi of the following students: Emily Schepp, David Stier, Jannis Rickertsen, Anes Hajder, Albert Marhoffer, Nina Gusenburger, Christine Chen, Svenja Brehm, Leopold Ferdinand Dornberger, Maed Asfour, Dominik Diehl, Diana Adler

The Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi shaped Brazilian modernism in the 20th century. As an architect and designer, she dedicated her working life to promoting the social and cultural potential of architecture and design. Using the numerous examples Bo Bardi has built, the students learned how to work creatively and effectively with the Rhinoceros 3d CAD software.

Projekt von Christine Chen
Variation study based on the Trident chair, Lina Bo Bardi
Projekt von Christine Chen
Visualisation - Project by Christine Chen

We began by modeling some of Bo Bardi's works. This gave the students an extended overview of the complex 3D formations. The focus here was on understanding and handling the geometry in a controlled manner. Additional course content provided an overview of digital representation methods such as the creation of vector graphics, visualizations and the interface to computer-aided modeling.

Projekt von Nina Gusenburger
Design of a private residence based on circles
Projekt von Nina Gusenburger
Visualisation - Project by Nina Gusenburger

Before the beginning of the semester, we worked out the basics of 3D modeling in a block course in order to then deepen a project on Lina Bo Bardi's architecture in the semester by recording the geometries and transformation principles and applying them to our own project.

Projekt von Jannis Rickertsen
Alteration of the Rockingchairs, Lina Bo Bardi
Projekt von Jannis Rickertsen
Visualisation - Project by Jannis Rickertsen