Bilder architektonischer Situationen

Seminar/elective in winter semester 2019/20 on architecture and geometry: Images of architectural situations
Lecturer: Dipl.-Ing. Romy Link

Projekt von Lisa Struppek
Lisa Struppek's project developed from the analysis, reconstruction and modeling of the picture “Cape Cod Evening” by Edward Hopper, 1939. Atmospheric perspective


The architectural representation plays an essential role in the design process and can be done in different ways. The most common way of representing architectural situations is perspective, as this depicts the bodies of space as the human eye perceives them.

"If you could put it into words, you wouldn't have to paint it." - the painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967) sums up the role of the picture. With his extraordinary sense of mood, he is considered a giant of American realism.

Projekt von Lisa Struppek
3D model of the picture "Cape Cod Evening" by Edward Hopper
Projekt von Lisa Struppek
Drawings, project by Lisa Struppek

As part of the course, it was the task of the students to analyze a painting by Edward Hopper or another artist, to reconstruct the perspective parameters as well as the floor plan and views and then to develop a painterly picture from a possible different perspective.

For this purpose, 3D models of the paintings were created based on the reconstructed 2d plans and then rendered and post-processed.

Projekt von Philipp Karasek
Modell entwickelt aus sieben Gemälden Edward Hoppers
Projekt von Philipp Karasek
3D-Modell, Projekt von Philipp Karasek