Pattern Caching

"Excursion" of the department Descriptive Geometry and Perspective during SS 2021
Pattern discovered in Kaiserslautern, analyzed, edited and made in linocut by Laura Kunze

Since we unfortunately couldn't travel because of Corona, we went on a journey of discovery for patterns in our respective environment: patterns, surface ornaments, parquetry, tessellations, .... The students found Patterns in a wide variety of contexts: Facades, floor patterns, ornaments, fences, manhole covers, everyday objects, .... They payed attention to the inconspicuous.


Julia_Kochendörfer2 Kopie.png
Pattern of ceramic tiles from Portugal, analyzed and edited by Julia Kochendörfer

First, photographic collections of different patterns were made. The students then had to decide on three patterns in different contexts, functions and materials, which they described more in detail as well as analyzed by drawing. In particular, the task was to record the geometric transformations that were included in each pattern. The students created the pattern by themselves using the geometric transformations and described the steps to create the pattern. Finally, they materialized a pattern in a technique of their own choice such as drawing, painting, folding, mosaic, woodcut, etc.