Normal Axonometry and Perspective of a building in comparison - SS 2021

Normal Axonometry and Perspective of the Leavengood Residence in Florida by Paul Rudolph in comparison - 1st exercise in Descriptive Geometry 2 in SS 2021

The topic of the assignment was to represent the Leavengood Residence in Florida by Paul Rudolph, designed and built in 1950/51, in a Normal Axonometry and a Perspective with given parameters. Students were assigned two variations of representing the building from two different sides. Normal Axonometry picks up where the winter term left off, focusing on the mapping method of parallel projection, and contrasts it with perspective based on the mapping method of central projection.

Both imaging methods have in common that the image plane is perpendicular to the viewing direction or projection direction. Nevertheless, completely different effects and possible applications of the presentation types result, since axonometry preserves the proportions, while in perspective the presentation is made from a viewer's point of view and thus proportions are not preserved.

Presentation drawings are created according to the construction drawings. The many fascinating perspective drawings of Raul Rudolph served as models.