Intersection and Unfolding of Solids

Basic tasks of position and measurement - 2nd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 1 in WS 2021/22

The initial idea of the second task to be submitted in Descriptive Geometry 1 during WS 2021/22 was a composition from the union of three building parts: Pyramid house, gable roof house and prism. The intersection points and lines of the building parts were to be determined, the true shape of each surface was to be constructed, and the unfolding (mesh) of the composition was to be created, from which a paper model would eventually be built. To develop the idea and support the spatial imagination, students could voluntarily create a 3D model using Rhinoceros®.

The students had the task of creating an interesting individual composition from a given pyramid house, a gable roof house given in cross section and a prism to be designed from a vertical
triangle to develop an interesting individual composition that met the following criteria:
• Pyramid house and gable roof house stand on the ground.
• The prism connects pyramid house and gable roof house, can also be detached
• There are at least 10 intersections
• Object edges are neither parallel nor perpendicular to the elevation plane, nor parallel to each other


Max Ackermann_ue2.pngElissa Laetitia Dregert_ue2.pngSalome Wolf_ue2.png

Mattias Volo_ue2.pngMichelle Sauerborn_ue2.pngJulian Rauenschwender_ue2.png