Axonometries with light and shadow

Overview and sectional axonometries with shadow – 3rd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 1, WS 2020/21

Topic of the 3rd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 1 in WS 2020/21 had been axonometries with light and shadow. The residential house of Lina Bo Bardi in São Paulo "Casa de Vidro", built in 1950-52, was given in floor plans, elevations and sections and had to be presented in different axonometric variations with light and shadow using a realistic position of the sun. A construction and presentation drawing was required in each case.

Variant A: Overall axonometry - overall layout of the residential building, location on the hillside

Emily Strubel_Konstruktion.jpgEmily Strubel_Präsentation.jpg

Variant B: Horizontal sectional axonometry - upper floor including furnishings, reference to outdoor space

Yannik Johann_Konstruktion.jpgYannik Johann_Konstruktion.jpg

Variant C: Vertical sectional axonometry - access to the building, location on the hillside

Aisha Hassan Agha_Konstruktion.jpgAisha Hassan Agha_Präsentation.jpg

Variant D: Vertical sectional axonometry - atrium, location on the hillside, reference exterior/interior

Lea Hoffmann_Konstruktion.jpgLea Hoffmann_Präsentation.jpg