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From 2D figures to 3D objects and their 2D representation – 1st task in Descriptive Geometry 1 in WS 2020/21 – students' works

The topic of the 1st task in Descriptive Geometry 1 in WS 2020/21 was to develop a spatial composition based on a given outline figure.



When they worked on the task, the students did not know that the outline figure was derived from the design by John Hejduk "One-Half House", 1966.

The outline figure is first divided into two-dimensional figures, which then become a spatial composition in the next step. The relationship between the solid and the space in between is to be taken into account in the design. The students' many possible solutions for developing spatial compositions from the same 2D outline figure show the problems of spatial thinking with the help of two-dimensional drawings.

The designed 3D-composition was presented in a cardboard model, assigned orthogonal views, an axonometry and a digital 3D-model. In this corona caused online semester, scans of the pencil drawings and model photos had to replace the physical submissions.