Intersection and Unfolding of Solids

Basic tasks of position and measurement - 2nd exercise in Descriptive Geometry 1 in WS 2020/21

The task of the second task in Descriptive Geometry 1 during WS 2020/2021 was to develop a spatial composition of three planar bounded solids: two pyramids and a prism, creating lines of intersection between the solids. The shape of one pyramid was given. The other pyramid could have a triangular or square base, the prism a triangular base with vertical or horizontal edges. The intersections of the three solids were to be constructed in 2D drawings, the true shape of the various surfaces was to be determined with the intersection lines, and the unfolding was to be drawn as a mesh, as contiguous as possible, with adhesive edges.


To design the composition, a SketchUp model was created and then the constructions were done in plan and elevation.



Finally, from the determined true surfaces, the mesh of the unfoldings was drawn with adhesive edges and a paper model was built from it.