Descriptive Geometry 2

The central projection method is the focus of this course. The geometric basics of the architectural perspective are conveyed and tested in application examples. Descriptive Geometry 2 is offered in the summer semester.
Innenraumperspektive zum Architekturprojekt von Antonia Zehfuß im SS 2020
Interior perspective on the architectural project by Antonia Zehfuß in SS 2020

On the basis of the knowledge acquired in Descriptive Geometry 1, further basics in Descriptive Geometry and Perspective are conveyed in this subject. After using the parallel projection method to draw normal axonometries, in which the direction of projection is perpendicular to the image plane, the central projection method is the main topic of the course. The geometric basics of the architectural perspective are taught.

The concept of the vanishing point forms the basis for understanding the mapping method. Shadow constructions and reflections in perspective make it possible to reproduce realistic light and material conditions and to increase the spatial effect of the representation. Knowledge of photo reconstructions and photo montages are the prerequisites for application to design projects. Perspectives with an inclined image plane put the usual perspectives with a vertical image plane in a more comprehensive context.

A basic understanding of the central projection and its possible applications in architecture should be conveyed through this event and implemented in drawings. The comparison of the perspective with the normal axonometry of a building reveals the different effects on the viewer and thus the various possible uses.

Lectures and tutorials on the following topics:

Normal axonometry · Introduction to central projection · Role of architectural perspective · Puncture and trace point-vanishing point method · Central projection of flat figures · Collineation · Choice of parameters of a perspective · Split and measure in perspective · Perspective image of a circle · Light and shadow in perspective · Shadows with artificial lighting · Reflection in perspective · Photo reconstruction · Photo montage · Perspectives with an inclined image plane