Basic Studies

The subject of Descriptive Geometry is for students of architecture, civil engineering students and teaching degree in construction / wood technology in the 1st / 2nd Semester offered with 2 semester weekly hour lectures and 2 semester weekly hour exercises. In these courses the basics of the geometry of the forms and the imaging methods are conveyed. Methods are learned how three-dimensional objects can be captured and clearly represented in two-dimensional drawings.

Descriptive Geometry 1

Lecture Descriptive Geometry I WS 2020/21, Part 1 of the module: Perception and Representation I for the courses in architecture, civil engineering and teaching degree in construction / wood technology - compulsory module in the 1st or 2nd semester

Descriptive Geometry 2

The central projection method is the focus of this course. The geometric basics of the architectural perspective are conveyed and tested in application examples. Descriptive Geometry 2 is offered in the summer semester.